A water-based, eco-friendly, and gentle alternative to flame cremation

What is Aquamation ?

  • Aquamation , also referred to as alkaline hydrolysis and  water cremation, is the closest to natural decomposition than any other method of disposition. The Aquamation process uses gentle water flow, temperature and alkalinity to accelerate our ecosystem’s natural method of breaking down and decomposing organic matter. A process that would  take nature  months or years is reduced to just 18 hours. During that time, a combination of 95% warm water and 5% alkali salts gently flow over the body. At the end of the Aquamation process, your companion’s physical components have been returned to their natural elements, dispersed in water with only the solid bone, free of disease and pathogens, remaining.  Please go to our  FAQ section to learn more


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We understand how overwhelming the loss of your pet companion can be. We want to assure you that we will be there for you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable staff will explain our process with The utmost compassion and patience, answering all of your questions and addressing all of your concerns. At Gentle Goodbyes, your satisfaction and peace of mind is our priority. You can click here to see our Google reviews and read what our customers are saying about  us

Learn more about Aquamation

Watch this great video to learn more about  alkaline hydrolysis (Aquamation)

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Heart in Diamond


Heart in Diamond

Watch this video and learn more about how  Heart in Diamond  can eternalize your pet companion into a beautiful diamond. A truly amazing process !

After hour service available

 Gentle Goodbyes pet Aquamation is available for after hour and weekend appointments ( subject to availability) to  serve your pet's afterlife care needs at 352-432-9924.  If your pet passes at a vet hospital, it is your choice where your pet is cared for. Your vet can help you make arrangements wherever you prefer or you're free to make arrangements directly through Gentle Goodbyes Pet Aquamation. 

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